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Qualitative Research

With the right of combination recruiting methodologies, we have the power to gain meaningful insight into your project area.

We have a superior understanding of healthcare professionals’ experiences and patients’ journey.

Our local recruiters give us a full understanding of the social, economics and politics of the country.

Flexibility and “out of the box thinking” make us unique.

Qualitative methodologies
Our first step in choosing a qualitative methodology is to review the research brief with you, the client.  We want to fully understand the objectives of the research before working together with you to make important decisions about the strategy employed when in the field.
We understand that each research brief is unique.  We approach each project with a set of techniques bespoke to the requirements of the client.  We invest time at the proposal and planning phase, seeking a full customisation of methodologies. We then provide you with the team that will fulfil your project requirements. We may choose focus groups, or workshops; telephone guided interview or telephone interviews with video and screen share support. 
We can deliver audio recordings, transcribed in English. If required, we could provide a video recording of your focus group, as well as the services of a moderator to analyse findings.
We have the team and the resources to design the qualitative methodologies perfect for your brief.


Our recruiters are the starting point of any successful project. The recruiter is the voice of our company, representing the best of what our company can do. They also represent you, our client, as professional and knowledgeable.
Our recruiters not only call physicians to invite them to participate in a study, they also visit clinics, hospitals or offices, where they make direct contact with specialists.
Our recruiter will provide important day-to-day feedback to the Project Manager.  Together, this team will find solutions to any issues that may arise during the recruitment process.


Our moderators are key in the delivery of in-depth insight, based on the pre-defined discussion guide created with you. Our moderators have years of experiences, giving them the skills and talent needed to sustain a natural conversation with a respondent.  They have experiences in managing focus group. and in appreciating and adapting to the dynamics of interviews.  Our goal is to always ensure our client's objectives are addressed.

Depending on the type of study and the design of the questionnaire, our moderators can provide a short analysis, debriefing you after the interview.

Qualitative research is back and stronger than ever especially in today’s world of social media and high flow of data online. A personalized and face to face interview is gold!
Clients’ list
Some projects may require us to work with a client’s list. Following the regulations for the country where the research is conducted, we will advise on feasibility of recruitment numbers and feedback on results.
All our databases and clients’ list are regulated under strict privacy, following GDPR regulations.

Questionnaire translation
Whether you need to translate the questionnaire from English to the country(ies) language where the research is set, or vice versa, we take care of this task as part of the fieldwork project. All our translators are specialized in medical translation. The questionnaire, and any other materials that require translation, is also proofread as part of our quality control process.


Connecting resources for the Healthcare Research Industry

Project management
Our operations team is multilingual and based in different time zones, providing you with seamless 24-hour coverage.
Client's list recruitment
We can run a survey online or over the phone. We can customise using a specific list of contacts you provide.
We can translate all documents required for any methodologies and analysis.
Survey Programming
Our programming team can use Decipher and Confirmit proficiently.
Survey Recruitment
The Hub's and our affiliates, rigorously adhere to the MRS code of conduct, ESOMAR, PMI and Ephmra guidelines.
Worldwide Reach
We have local presence and reach troughs our affiliates, helping your project succeed.

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